To each American household, the Friends of the Abraham Lincoln Historical Farm presents a rare, limited-time opportunity to own, for only $10, your own piece of history. This special tract of land, located in the heart of America, is being offered to you to treasure and preserve the legacy of our beloved 16th President Abraham Lincoln! 

“Knowing this land was the personal property of our greatest president, this land should not be owned by one man, one family or one company. This land is to be owned by Americans who believe in the legacy of Abraham Lincoln.”

- Dan Arnold, President, Friends of the Abraham Lincoln Historical Farm, LLC

Lincoln purchased this land from his father in 1841 and since that time, descendants and friends of the Lincoln family have preserved the land in its natural state, literally untouched by time. The property is and always will be Lincoln’s Land, and now you are invited, as one who believes America’s past can have a great impact on its future, to own your piece of it.  Lincoln’s Land is now going to be your land—our land—to treasure his legacy on our great nation. 

It doesn’t matter when or where you were born, your gender, political affiliation or economic status; owning a piece of history and becoming a land owner is now available for anyone! 

To make Lincoln’s Land available for all, it was converted into fully legal, common undivided interest deeds to land slightly larger than a Lincoln penny, or about one square inch each. And the first deed per household is only $10, which also covers shipping and handling and a land deed-filing fee. Click here to become a proud landowner with other believing Americans, sharing and protecting the rich heritage of perhaps our greatest leader ever. There are no additional fees, no property taxes, no hidden costs, so claim your land today and begin enjoying your new land ownership of Abraham Lincoln’s family farm.