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Dates relating to Lincoln’s earlier life and the Lincoln Family Farm

1778   Rockingham County, VA
Thomas Lincoln (Abraham’s father) born in Rockingham County, Virginia.

1784   Hampshire County, VA
Nancy Hanks (Abraham’s mother) born in Hampshire County, Virginia.

1788   Elizabethtown, KY
Sarah Bush (Abraham’s stepmother) born in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.

1806   Rockingham County, VA
Thomas and Nancy Hanks Lincoln are married.
Daughter Sarah (Abraham’s sister) is born to Thomas and Nancy Hanks Lincoln.

February 12, 1809   Hodgenville, KY
On February 12, Abraham Lincoln is born in a one-room cabin in Hodgenville, Kentucky.

1810   Elizabethtown, KY
Son Thomas born to Thomas and Nancy Hanks Lincoln.

1811   Hodgenville, KY
Lincoln family moves to a 230-acre farm on Knob Creek in Hodgenville, Kentucky.

1812    Hodgenville, KY
Thomas and Nancy Hanks Lincoln’s son Thomas dies at two years of age.

1816   Perry County, IN
Lincoln family moves to Perry (later Spencer) County, Indiana.

1818   Perry County, IN
Abraham is kicked in the head by a horse and is thought to be dead.
Nancy Hanks Lincoln dies of “milk sickness.”

1819   Perry County, IN
Thomas Lincoln marries Sarah Bush Johnston (her first husband, Daniel Johnston, had died in 1816).

1828   Perry County, IN
Sarah Lincoln (Abraham’s sister) dies in childbirth.

1828   New Orleans, LA
Abraham and Allen Gentry take a flatboat of produce to market in New Orleans.

1830   Macon County, IL
Thomas Lincoln and his family, including Abraham, now twenty one years old, travel two hundred miles to Illinois where they settle on the banks of the Sangamon River in Macon County.

1831   New Orleans, LA
Abraham makes his second flatboat trip to New Orleans.

1831   Coles County, IL
Thomas and Sarah Bush Johnston Lincoln move from Macon County to Coles County, Illinois.

1831   New Salem, IL
Abraham moves to New Salem.

1832    Illinois
Abraham serves in the Illinois militia during the Black Hawk War.

1834   Vandalia, IL
Abraham elected to his first term in the Illinois General Assembly as a member of the Whig Party.

1836   Springfield, IL
Abraham reelected to the Illinois General Assembly and receives his license to practice law in the state of Illinois.
Abraham helps to get the state capitol moved from Vandalia to Springfield and settles in Springfield.

1836   Lerna, IL
John D. Johnston purchases forty acres of farmland (the Lincoln Family Farmland) in Coles County, Illinois, from the U.S. government.
Thomas and Sarah Bush Lincoln, and John D. Johnston, his wife and their two boys move into a one-room cabin on the land.

1840    Lerna, IL
In June, Lincoln argues his first case before the Illinois Supreme Court and in August is reelected to the Illinois General Assembly.
Thomas Lincoln purchases the eighty acres adjacent to the western boundary of Johnston’s land from Reuben Moore.
Thomas Lincoln and John D. Johnston move the cabin from Johnston’s land to the new property, enlarging the cabin in the process.
On December 31, Thomas Lincoln purchases the land from John D. Johnston for $50.

October 25, 1841   Lerna, IL
On October 25, Abraham Lincoln purchases the land from his father for $200, giving his parents exclusive use of the land until their deaths.

1846    Springfield, IL
Abraham elected as Whig candidate to serve as Illinois Representative in the United States House of Representatives.

January 17, 1851    Lerna, IL
On January 17, Thomas Lincoln dies. Abraham inherits the west eighty acres, adjacent to the land he already owns.

August 12, 1851    Lerna, IL
On August 12, Abraham sells the west eighty acres to John D. Johnston for $1. Although Johnston seeks to purchase Abraham’s remaining land, Abraham refuses and the land remains in his name.

April 14, 1865    Washington, D.C.
On April 14, Lincoln is shot by John Wilkes Booth.

April 15, 1865    Lerna, IL
On April 15, Lincoln dies. Lincoln’s stepmother, Sarah Bush, becomes sole heir to the Lincoln Family Farm.

1869   Lerna, IL
Sarah Bush Lincoln dies.

1888   Lerna, IL
Legal title to the land passes to John J. Hall, Sarah Lincoln’s grandson.

1909   Lerna, IL
John J. Hall dies. His son, Joseph J. Hall, inherits the land.

September 24, 1914   Lerna, IL
On September 24, Joseph J. Hall conveys the land to Lewis W. Ely by warranty deed.

November, 1914   Lerna, IL
In November, Lewis W. Ely deeds the land to Chauncey R. Bowman.

December 4, 1914   Lerna, IL
On December 4, Chauncey R. Bowman sells the land to William T. Phipps.

September 25, 2007   Lerna, IL
On September 25, Friends of the Abraham Lincoln Historical Farm, LLC, purchases the land from the Phipps family.